Brief Introduction


Based on requirement from customers, we design and produce strong and fine products, we innovate constantly to advance our technology to high levels.

Our main products cover pressed product, CNC lathe product, aluminium product and hinge product., our service includes product design, manufacturing, and after-sale service. The application field of pur products has covered automobile, telecommunication, laptop, drone, intelligence home appliances, medical field, new energy, etc.

The factory locates in Shidong Industrial Park, 3# building, Huicheng Area, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, with a coverage of over 10,000 square meters, and workshop of 5,000 square meters, we are equipped with advanced machines and a complete set of production department, including pressing department, cutting department, assembly line, new energy department, etc. With the approval certificate of IOS, we have established a long-term relationship with numerous renowed companies worldwide.

Origin of “DUROS”

Brief Introduction

When it comes to the discussion about the essence of hardware products, the two co-founders John and Leon agreed with a spanish customer Eduardo Fernandez, that the design is ranking first. Almost all renowned companies have wonderful designs in the world, like Siemens, Mercedes, Geminis, Fiat, etc. For Duros, we also put lots of emphasis on product design, while hard degree and service life all matter very much. The core is the selection of materials and the art of design, which determines the quality of the product. Thus, we have come up with the concept of “ Strong, Aesthetic, Innovative”, which is the spanish meaning of duro, and that’s the origin of “DUROS”.


Why Choose Duros?


All of our staff have been in the field for over 10 years, with profound experience, we believe that your requirements can be satisfied in the best way.


The advanced equipment we own can help both the precision and efficiency, we are ready to follow any urgent cases 24/7 to meet with the requirements, we also have advantage in making the optimal plan for customers.

2.Life-time cooperation

We deem our customers as our life-time partners, only with that mind, we can provide the best service to the most sincere relationships.